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Rose, Exposed cover photo Rose, Exposed - Oyster Harbor (Book 2)

Genre: multicultural historical romance
Release Date: 05 June 2016

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Nice Excerpt Naughty Excerpt  

When Leroy Johnson gets promoted at the new oyster plant on Pearl Point, all he cares about is working hard. When he meets the flirtatious artist Rose Wainwright, however, nothing matters except getting her to the altar and into bed. Healing from a recent loss, he’s not about to let her go too.

Because Rose’s strict, social-climbing father doesn’t approve of dark-skinned Leroy, they court in secret anyplace they can find. Although Leroy’s raw passion can convince her to do almost anything, why can’t he understand she needs freedom, not marriage?

Her father wants her to be white, but Leroy wants her to be black. Playing both sides of the fence leaves this young biracial beauty exposed in more ways than one.

Rose, Exposed - "Nice" Excerpt

“You’re so…dark,” she exclaimed. Instead of the disdain he expected, he heard fascination.

Come on, lady. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a colored man before.

“Yes, I’m dark,” he agreed as he politely removed her hand, “which is why it’s not a good idea for us to sit alone together in this car. Someone might come along and jump to the wrong conclusion.”

A conclusion that could get him beat, up or worse, with the Klan close by on Oyster Island.

But before he could stop her, she clasped both sides of his face and pressed her sweet mouth to his. Aw, hell. A man only had so much self-control, and she’d just shattered his. Unable to stop himself, he plundered her delicate mouth. Her lips reminded him of rose petals, and he sucked the sweetness out of them like a bee. The more he tasted, the more he wanted.

She opened, giving him access to her even sweeter tongue. Desire surged through him harder than a riptide.

Taking a big breath, he pulled away from her. “We can’t do this. You’re white.”

She looked down at her upturned palms. “Then I really do look white?”

Leroy frowned. “Aren’t you?”

For the first time, her smile disappeared, making him shiver in his wet clothes. “The truth is, I don’t know what I am. I suppose that’s why I took this foolish drive.”

She must be biracial then, he realized, and not forbidden after all. The thought made him want to dance on the hood of the car. She still looked white, though. If he didn’t have the time to court a girl his own color, he sure didn’t have any for a complicated one like this.

“Kiss me again,” she demanded.

Without waiting for him to answer, she locked her hot, damp mouth on his again and tugged hard on his shoulders. Before he knew it, he lay on top of her on the front seat. He wished her dress weren’t so thin when two round breasts pushed against his chest and long, slender legs shifted restlessly under his. Dizzy with the scent of rain and her, he froze.

At the moment, nothing mattered except finding out if the rest of her was as sweet and yielding as her mouth. He didn’t care if the entire Klan showed up, knocked on the window, and caught them lying on this slippery leather seat. It had been too damn long since he’d had a woman. He needed to stop this while he still could.

“Do you know what you’re asking for?” Lust had turned his voice into a husky croak.

She laughed and touched his face again. “I don’t know. What am I asking for?”

This girl was crazier than he’d first thought. What if someone less honorable than himself had stopped instead? She could’ve been raped.

“A whole lot of trouble.” He sat up. “Look, this is not the time or the place. Let’s get you home.”

The sooner he could be rid of her—before she derailed him from his job, family, and everything else that mattered—the better.

Rose, Exposed - "Naughty" Excerpt

“You danced awfully close to that white fellow,” he said. “Did you feel his cock against you, Rose?”

She shook her head, unable to take her eyes from the enticing length of hard flesh sliding back and forth in his hand. He let go of himself and traced his wet fingertip along her bottom lip.

“You’re a poor liar, sweet girl,” he whispered.

In spite of herself, she extended her tongue and licked the essence he’d left on her mouth.

“Yes, I felt it,” she admitted, “but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to anger him by backing away.”

Her fear of Jonathan seemed silly now. The real danger sat right here in the car with her.

Leroy took the hand that still clenched her purse, opened it, and wrapped it around his shaft. Her fingers convulsed against the hot, silky hardness. It was the most exquisite thing she’d ever touched. Her entire arm trembled as a vein, swollen and buzzing under her fingers, filled her with electrifying energy.

“Was it as big as this? he asked, moving her hand up and down his shaft.

“No, I don’t think so,” she answered honestly.

While she still grasped him, he slid a hand under her dress, starting at her ankle and ending at the seam of her labia. Her body answered his touch with a gush of wet heat.

“Why you’ve got nothing on.” He frowned and his hand stilled, leaving her thundering heart perched on a precipice. “Do you mean to tell me you danced with no drawers?”

Her flesh swelled against his fingers, begging them to move. “I-I didn’t have the right kind.”

Stars exploded behind her eyes when he plunged the full length of his finger into her wetness with no warning. Her hand involuntarily tightened around his cock while her cunt tightened around his finger.

“You’re so wet, Rose,” he said, breathing hard against her face. “Are you wet for Jonathan or me?”

“You! Please forget…Jonathan.”

“There’s nothing I’d like better,” he bit out.

To her dismay, he stopped touching her between the legs, leaving behind a painfully throbbing pulse. She stroked him, sliding her fingers across the smooth head. The more pleasure she gave him, she hoped, the more he’d give her. But despite the hunger racing through her body, something didn’t feel right. A wall stood between them tonight. One of jealousy.

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