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Mission of Pleasure cover photo Mission of Pleasure

Genre: interracial historical romance
Release Date: 7 April 2018

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Nice Excerpt Naughty Excerpt   Daughters of Africa collection

Gavin Douglas joins a Scottish mission as a carpenter to escape painful memories of his wife’s death from a back-alley abortion she tried to keep secret from him. The last thing he expects to find in Africa is instant attraction to a native.

For the past year, Zenda has devoted her time to Claymore Missionary, secretly erasing everything taught to her tribe’s children to prevent them from becoming whitewashed. Nothing else matters except claiming her tribal identity as a woman. But before her eagerly awaited rite of passage can take place, Gavin lays his own claim on her body, igniting desires she can’t face losing.

Gavin is horrified to learn of the physical transformation—and associated risks—she insists on undergoing. When he realizes his biggest loss may be yet to come, his only mission is to teach Zenda pleasure.

Daughters of Africa ~ African women who shaped the world and the men who love them

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Mission of Pleasure - "Nice" Excerpt
Copyright © Afton Locke, 2018 - All Rights Reserved

“We have a few rules here,” Martha added, using her fingers to count again. “Rise at dawn and show up on time for meals or you don’t eat. Keep your quarters and clothes clean. Do not leave without telling someone where you’re going. And no alcoholic spirits.”

His muscles tightened. Stow your rules, lady. I’ve traveled halfway around the world to escape the wretched things. Then he swallowed, calming himself. Of course a mission—a church, of sorts—would have rules.

“English must be spoken at all times, which I’m sure will be no trouble for you. No foul language, though.” She smashed a fly that landed on her arm. “And, finally, no lustful thoughts or activity.”

As thirst and fatigue from the journey caught up with him, he struggled to nod again. They’d brought Scotland here, all right, along with Queen Victoria. He had a feeling the McTavishes lived by their own rules and did not share a bed. Not that he had anything to worry about. Ever since Caitlyn, his wretched life had little room for women or pleasure.

And, luckily, there’d be no females to tempt him here. Martha was about as appealing as an elephant, and he doubted any of the native women would catch his eye.

“First, you’re going to eat, rest, and drink plenty of water.” Her eyes, beneath curls of gray-and-brown hair and thick brows, narrowed as they studied him. “Drying out here will kill you faster than anything else.”

A comforting thought. Maybe he should turn around and return to Scotland. At least he was familiar with the hells there. But the hot, dry air here was a damn sight easier to breathe than the damp coal smoke that blackened the buildings where he’d lived and worked.

“Zenda,” she called to a young native woman sitting at the back of the group of students. “Get Mr. Douglas here some refreshment and show him to his quarters.”

She turned back to Gavin. “Zenda has been a godsend. She helps us manage the children and the endless chores.”

The dusty earth dropped beneath his feet. Talking to Martha, a fellow Scot, had grounded him in this strange place. He had no idea what to say to the natives, though. As little as possible, he decided, until he got more used to the place and how it ran.

“Welcome, Mr. Douglas,” she announced after gliding toward him on soundless feet.

He lifted his hat and set it back in place. “Call me Gavin.”

She had a wide mouth and prominent cheekbones. The shade of her skin and eyes reminded him of smoldering embers. She wore a simple white dress—both modest and revealing—similar to ones Scottish lassies wore. Its high neckline couldn’t completely disguise the curve of her slight, rounded breasts, and the hem showed plenty of her long, shapely legs.

As she led him to the dormitory, the wooden beads of her necklace clinked together like seductive music. They passed a goat and donkey, both too busy grazing to pay them any attention. Inside, merciful shade replaced the blaring sun, giving him a surge of energy. Though he desperately needed them, he didn’t want rest, food, or water.

He wanted her.

In a shadowy corner. On the dusty ground. So much for avoiding lustful thoughts. He hadn’t even been here an hour and he’d already broken one of the rules.

If you want a naughtier excerpt, keep reading...

Mission of Pleasure - "Naughty" Excerpt
Copyright © Afton Locke, 2018 - All Rights Reserved

To his utter shock, Zenda grabbed the hem of her robe and lifted it up her legs and torso. Dumbstruck, he watched as it sailed over her head and landed neatly onto the nearest rock. Nothing remained on her body except her necklace and a brief loincloth.

Fully revealing her breasts. Tipped on the ends with nipples as dusky as soot, they made the most perfect picture he’d ever seen. A sudden weight pressed against his whirlygigs until he feared they might explode.

How could a girl who’d shied away from kissing flaunt her bare breasts as if they were no different than her elbows? He clearly had a lot to learn about Africans…

To cool his burning crotch, he waded in with her. Remembering the mission rules and the boy with the spear, he decided to leave his clothes on. Besides, he didn’t know what kind of sharp-toothed creatures might be lurking in the murky-brown pool.

Her chest looked even lusher with rivulets of water forming pearly webs across her dark skin. She couldn’t expect him not to touch her. The calm surface of the pond rippled as he scampered across the moss-slickened rocks underfoot.

She backed up a step, much more gracefully than he. When her eyes widened, he almost glanced over his shoulder to see if a lion crouched nearby. Until he realized the creature she feared was him. A dragonfly landed on her shoulder, flexing its lacy wings, ready to fly away at any moment.

What was she trying to do? Lure him into doing something that might get him into trouble? He’d broken the mission’s anti-lust rule today many times over. After all, he was a white man, the enemy. And she’d made it clear she didn’t care for the whites moving into her land and changing everything.

But a man had only so much self-control, and his had just run out. After locking an arm around her waist, he pulled her body into his and clamped his mouth on the peak of one breast. The dragonfly darted off, buzzing past his head.

Her sharp grunt raised the hair on his arms. Because he didn’t know if she’d done it from fear or pleasure. And what really shocked the hell out of him? He didna care.

She dug her fingernails into the back of his wet shirt as he sucked the other firm peak between his lips. His jaw convulsed, causing him to nick her puckered flesh with his teeth. She grunted again and churned the water into a frenzy with her flailing limbs.

He backed her against a half-submerged mangrove tree, grinding her soft pelvis against the curved root until the latter creaked and damn near snapped. He tugged on his belt, a heartbeat away from releasing his cock and spearing her with it.

Good God. I’m acting like a savage beast!

How could they exchange prayers about trees one moment and end up this way the next? He had no idea he’d been carrying around such pent-up needs. Never before had he felt such burning lust for any woman—of any color. Maybe he’d better head back to port and find a place where he’d be safer and saner. A place with no women.

With a wrench, he pulled himself from her. She wasted no time throwing herself at him, like a cougar leaping from a tree branch, until he fell into the water.

Sputtering, he surfaced for air. “What the hell did you do that for?”

She cradled her hardened, wet nipples in her pale palms, which didna slake his lust one damn bit.

“Y-you attacked me!”

“And you asked for it,” he said, still gasping from the water he’d choked on below. “Parading around in front of me half naked.”

She gazed down at her upturned breasts, understanding dawning on her face.

“Where I come from, lassie, you’re indecently exposed.”

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